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As the common saying goes, "practice makes perfect". For that reason, it's important that you present your child with enough practice opportunities so they can develop and strengthen their math knowledge and skills. For a few tips on how to help them practice at home, continue reading,

How to Practice Math at Home

Find Worksheets Online

Worksheets with math problems and exercises your child can complete can help them immensely in their journey towards stronger math skills. Search for appropriate ones online and encourage them to complete them correctly (e.g. use incentives).

Find Math in Everyday Life

If you notice your child requires a boost in their interest in math, show them that math is everywhere. This will also present some new practice opportunities for them. For example, prepare a recipe together to teach them how to get the right measurements for each ingredient.

Engage Them in Conversation

Talking to your child can be a great bonding activity for both of you in which you can find out what they find challenging about math. Also, you can inadvertently help them practice by asking them to explain concepts and problems they should know.

Play and Practice

Lastly, you can take a more fun and entertaining approach to help your child with their math skills. For instance, you can provide toys, an abacus, or search for apps and games that will help them develop in math confidently.

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